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Pentagon Grand (RF CO2 fractional laser)

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  • Standards/CertificateISO 13485, CE, KFDA
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Pentagon Grand (RF CO2 fractional laser)


  • It is ULTRA PULSE CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER and its wave length is 10600nm

  • It is an ULTRA PULSE CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER , which is a new generational version of the CO2 Fractional laser, which was replaced by a stronger laser for severe scars, enlarged pores, and various kinds of skin disorders.

  • The ULTRA PULSE CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER , PENTAGON grand, artificially makes an injury on the dermis resulting in the reformation of the strongest collagen.

By inducing healing response of the dermis, fibroblasts are stimulated, producing substances like collagen. Thus it aims at ameliorating the aging process by relieving and curing scars, reforming pores and reducing wrinkles

>> Indications

  • Scars
    Acne scar, Surgical scar, Traumatic scar, Burning scar, Striae, Large pore
  • It can also remove spots like normal CO2 lasers.
  • Skin resurfacing
    Wrinkles, Pores, Photo damaged skin, Pigmented skin

>> The concept of micro Thermal Zone


  • High power (Ultra pulse Laser)/Short Emission Time produces less skin damage than Low Power/Long Emission Time.

  • Divides laser beams in micro units of 70μm using fractional laser. It leaves normal tissues between the beams and reduces direct
    damage of skin thereby reducing regeneration time with quick recovery. Pentagon is micro laser beam so it is good for skin rejuvenation.

  • Pentagon grand delivers heat to 49 dry ablations and deep into the skin in an area of 1cm to 2cm with micro laser beams and is therefore most suitable for skin regeneration treatment.

  • The main screen of PENTAGON grand, it is composed of three kinds of the operating modes. The users can choose their desired operating mode and transfer to each of the other operating modes anytime.

    The laser beam of 1,000W high peak power is divided into very short pulse length and time in this mode, thus the laser beam can be applied to the area of treatment in an accurate array. This mode is suitable for the treatment like spots, freckles, warts, dark spots, corn.

    This mode is an ultra fractional laser system being used in the treatment for skin rejuvenation, keloid, pigmentation, scars, wrinkles, pores, skin resurfacing and so on.
    C/W MODE: It is normally used in incision for more accurate operation surgery.


10600nm RF Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser
Pulse Energy
3mJ ~ 300mJ
Operation Mode
Ultra Pulse
Laser Spot Size : 0.1mm~0.7mm 400W Peak Power
Laser Spot Size : 40um~70um 300W Peak Power
Laser Spot Size : 0.1mm~0.7mm 1W~15W average power
Operation Mode
Dynamic Mode (Array, Random)
Fractional Mode
Lesion Depth
~Max. 2,000um
Spot Density
25~999 spots/cm2
Scan Area Size
5x5~20x20 (Adjustable)
Scan Area Shape
Square, Rectangular, Pentagon
Handpiece Tip Size
Normal (5mm, 20mm)
Control Panel
65,000 Colors TFT Touch Screen (8 inches)
Operation Speed Control
Aiming Beam
Diode Laser Beam 650mm (light adjustable)
Laser Delivery
Working Voltage

co2 fractional laser with handheld scanner, with RF tube installed
PENTAGON, co2 fractional laser with handheld scanner, with RF tube installed, performs fractional treatment on skin as well as conventional laser surgery using focused handpiece.


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