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Aroma Series (Aroma and Aroma Grand)

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Aroma Series (Aroma and Aroma Grand)


The most advanced hair removal & skin tightening laser system

  • Selectively heat and destroy the hair follicle by selective absorbance of the melanin in the hair follicle compared to the melanin in the epidermis.
  • The new and the only one that brings the hair removal treatment to new standard. , providing unsurpassed safety and efficacy with ease-of-use.
  • Now the aroma and aroma grand diode laser makes it easier and more affordable than ever to deliver great result of permanent hair reduction to your clients.


  • Adopted 810nm wavelength of “Gold Standard” for hair removal.
  • Superior Continuous- Wave-Method provides homogenized energy on each pulse.
  • Fast coverage rate with large 10mm x 14mm and 14 mm x 15 mm’s Spot Size.
  • 7° of beam divergence guarantees painless and efficient hair removal without energy loss. Fast treatment with up to 10Hz’s repetition rate.
  • Gentle, yet Powerful energy level up to 110J / cm².
  • Easy to use full colored LCD touch screen and shot number memory function.
  • Easy to operate by dividing 3 modes (HR up to 3Hz, FHR up to 10Hz, SR up to 3Hz).
  • No consumables mean low cost of ownership
  • More successful permanent hair reduction has been accomplished, worldwide, with the 808nm wavelength than with any other laser wavelength.
  • Faster treatments save precious time, ease scheduling
  • Comfortable treatments encourage treatment completion
  • Completed treatment cycle improves results, satisfaction
  • Larger treatments may even become more affordable
  • High average power >200 watts optical
  • Long pulse length : to avoid epidermal damage

>> Diode laser system hair removal principle

  • Selectively heat and destroy the hair follicle by selective absorbance of the melanin in the hair follicle compared to the melanin in the epidermis

  • Light-hair follicle interaction: wish selective photothermolysis, the optimum pulse duration should be longer than the thermal relaxation time (the time it takes for 50% of heat energy to be conducted away from a target tissue) of the epidermis, allowing heat energy to be conducted away, but shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the hair follicle, confining the heat to this structure. The thermal relaxation time is related to the square of the diameter of the target structure, a bit less than 1 msec for epidermis, and 10-50msec for hair follicles depending on the diameter of the hair shaft.
  • The diode laser consisting of a high power laser diode emitting infrared (invisible) light at ~800-810nm. The longer wavelength allows deep penetration into the skin and safety for all skin types.


It transfers energy to hair follicle underneath the skin by moving around the treatment area.

  • FHR (Fast Hair Removal) Mode

    The FHR Mode provides the ideal combination for efficient hair removal: It has consistent, high average power capabilities to enable the 10 pulse-per-second repetition rate for “hair removal in-motion”. The FHR mode enables a low fluence, “in-motion” approach for virtually painless hair removal.

    FHR mode keeps heating hair-follicles in treated area, and accumulates its temperature in reach to the level of destroying of follicles

  • HR (Hair Removal) Mode

    The HR mode uses the optimal hair removal wavelength of 810nm diode for deep penetration into the dermis where the hair follicle is located

    HR modes is very efficient method to eliminated heat-accumulated hair follicles by FHR mode by means of deep focusing and deep penetration with high energy

  • SR (Skin Rejuvenation) Mode

    The SR mode which used in skin tightening, is adopting relatively short pulse duration with 40~60J of energy. With the penetration of heat into dermis, SR mode induces instant collagen construction and remodeling


HR mode
FHR mode
Operating fluence
Pulse duration
Pulse rep rate Pain
3hz painful
10hz painless
Burn possibility



Aroma 300w
Aroma grand 600w
Light source
diode (3 stack)
diode (6 stack)
(Hz and duration are interlocked)
Pulse duration
Up to 625ms (auto)
10~800ms (customizable)
Spot size(sappjire size)
14 x 10(mm)
14 x 15(mm)
Repetition rate
1 to 10Hz
Auto set
480 x 640 x 1230(mm)
500 x 500 x x900(mm)